Despite Yoyogi Park having fewer cherry trees than other parks in Tokyo, it still offers a pleasant viewing spot for cherry blossoms during spring. Parks in Tokyo under jurisdiction of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government‎ (4 C, 1 F) S These experiences are best for nature & parks in Tokyo: 5-hour Tokyo Historical Bike Tour through Imperial Palace & Tsukiji; Tokyo hidden spots at night with e-bikes; Harry Harajuku: Meet with Cute Otters, Chinchillas and Hedgehogs; Go-kart tour Shinjuku drive metroporitan area with Iconic Photes 1. Location: 1-5-27 Ikejiri, Setagaya-ku "There are some interactive exhibits too with simulated or real test drives, although you need an … Of course Tokyo Disneyland has to be included in this list! These experiences are best for water & amusement parks in Tokyo: Tokyo Dome City Attractions and TeNQ Space Museum Admission Ticket (訪日外国人限定) LEGOLAND(R) Discovery Center Tokyo; 3-Day Universal Studios Japan Experience from Tokyo by Bullet Train [1100~1600] Madame Tussauds Tokyo The restrooms recently opened at two parks in Tokyo. This is one of the oldest amusement parks in Tokyo. The beautiful parks found sprinkled within Tokyo are the greatest contradictions to these widely accepted notions, offering lively and quiet green spaces which are extremely inexpensive, or completely free! Tokyo is rich when it comes to nature compared to other places in Japan. Best indoor theme parks and amusement parks in Tokyo. Two-wheeled vehicles, including bikes, must also park in specific areas, or run the risk of being towed away. Tokyo Parks & Gardens in Tokyo Although Japan's most famous gardens are not in Tokyo, most of the places listed in this guide use principles of Japanese landscaping and give visitors at least an idea of the scope and style of these gardens. "MegaWeb is like a Toyota auto show, a theme park, a museum and a dealership combined in Odaiba’s Palette Town just across from the Venus Fort shopping mall." During the extravagant years of the bubble economy, many parks were built across Japan, several of which were … Have fun while staying warm at these indoor attractions: meet Hello Kitty, play Lego all day, explore virtual reality, and more Although the attractions are relatively compact, the atmosphere is cheerful and fun. While Tokyo's northerly latitude precludes its from being an actual jungle, the city is surprisingly lush, thanks to a variety of green spaces, large and small, across its footprint. Here are the 5 best parks in Tokyo: Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is a gorgeous urban oasis among the skyscrapers, a mere ten-minute walk from Asia’s busiest transport hub, Shinjuku Station. Located near Tokyo in the Kanto region, Nikko is among Japan’s most popular destinations. Savvy Tip: Tokyo mud parks are community-run organizations that appreciate donated supplies. This is true even in Tokyo, one of the busiest and most urban cities in the world. Setagaya Park (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) – Setagaya Park is a great park for kids of all ages. In Bunkyo Ward, right next to the Tokyo Dome stadium, there's an amusement park called Tokyo Dome City Attractions. Let's come back to the heart of Tokyo. Here are Tokyo’s top gardens and parks! Below you will find a guide of some of the biggest parks in Tokyo that are definitely worth going to while you are visiting Tokyo. While the gleaming skyscrapers and high tech features are certainly there, there are also many incredible parks and gardens in Tokyo. Read on to learn about the top seven parks in this bustling metropolis. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, home to historic shrines—including Toshogu, the most decorated shrine in Japan—and natural wonders such as onsen and waterfalls. More details on the Tokyo Disney Sea Website. In fiscal 2016, development of five parks, including Takiyama, Oto, and Nakato parks, was carried out. These offer lovely scenic views as well as places to take a break from busy city life. Here is a list of Tokyo Public Parks. Most of Tokyo's parks and gardens are family-friendly, yet some offer added extras with junior visitors in mind. It might not be as big as other amusement parks, but it does has interesting attractions—especially the roller coaster running through the … The majority of the parks on this list are traditional Japanese gardens, so you can enjoy a little oasis of peace in the middle of the big city. You can explore the park by a rental bicycle (100 to 200 yen per hour). Shinjuku Gyoen is the most beautiful park in Tokyo and might be one of the most picturesque parks in the world. The best part is that no one has to go far to get to one of these green places, as they are interspersed with the grey skyscrapers throughout the These experiences are best for water & amusement parks in Tokyo: Skip the Line: teamLab Planets Tokyo Admission Ticket; LEGOLAND(R) Discovery Center Tokyo; Tokyo Dome City Attractions and TeNQ Space Museum Admission Ticket (訪日外国人限定) Asakusa Hanayashiki One Day Pass (mailed to domestic address) Leave Tokyo Station via the Marunouchi exit and follow the signposts to the Imperial Palace Plaza. *** Top Theme Parks in Japan *** 12. Ask if there’s anything you can bring; things like hand-me-down clothing, shoes, kitchen utensils, charcoal, and scrap wood can be very much appreciated. Parks Yoyogi Park (Near to Harajuku and the Meiji shrine) In 1964 Yoyogi Park was the site of the Olympic Village. Head to the gates of the Tokyo National Museum to see gingko and Zelkova trees or spot some maple leaves at Kiyomizu Kannon Temple. Tokyo Disney Sea (Maihama) is an ocean-themed amusement park unique to Japan and located in the Disney Resort. Other spots may give you a taste of the seasonal nature or even have a zoo on-site! This park is a collection of three different gardens. These experiences are best for nature & parks in Tokyo: 5-hour Tokyo Historical Bike Tour through Imperial Palace & Tsukiji; Tokyo hidden spots at night with e-bikes; Go-kart tour Shinjuku drive metroporitan area with Iconic Photes; Enjoy local Tokyo E-bike tour, 3 hours of ride starts near Tokyo … Tokyo is known for being two things- a concrete jungle and one of the world's most expensive cities. Tokyo Public Parks Shinjuku Gyoen. More information on parks and gardens is available at … These experiences are best for nature & parks in Tokyo: 5-hour Tokyo Historical Bike Tour through Imperial Palace & Tsukiji; Nikko 1-Day Bus Tour :World Heritage of Nikko Toshogu,Lake Chuzenji,Kegon Falls; 1 Day Private Mt Fuji Tour (Charter) - English Speaking Driver; Tokyo hidden spots at night with e … Top Tokyo Parks & Nature Attractions: See reviews and photos of parks, gardens & other nature attractions in Tokyo, Japan on Tripadvisor. There are public parks perfect for families with attractions like slides, mini trains, and canoeing in Tokyo. It was designed with older kids and adults in mind, but also fun for younger kids. Satoshi Nagare/The Nippon Foundation hide caption While Tokyo might not be famous for its greenery, many visitors to the city might not realize quite how many parks it has to offer. One of Tokyo’s very first public parks, Ueno is home to 8,800 trees and although it’s more famous for cherry blossom, it’s pretty stunning in fall too. The Hamarikyu Gardens are recognised as being steeped in history, and is one of the oldest parks in Tokyo. "this entertainment parc is really closed to Tokyo Dome there is a small shopping mall and some activities for children and Adults i reall recommend the Thunder Dolphin it s spectacular and with a nice city view Do..." "Great mix of shopping mall & amusement park, My wife went off shopping, my teenage son's went on the roller coaster whilst I sat & watched them sipping coffee." This is one of the largest parks in the Tokyo metropolitan area and has nearly 2,000 cherry trees. From well-known amusement parks like Tokyo Disney Land to lesser known ones like Asakusa Hanashiki, these amusement parks are all unique and a fun way to experience Japanese culture! More architect-designed public bathrooms will be created in the coming months. By opening an additional 6.4 hectares of new metropolitan parkland to the public on June 1, 2017, Tokyo’s park acreage open to the public increased to about 2,028 hectares. This park makes a good day trip or overnight trip from Tokyo. One of the largest city parks in Tokyo, Yoyogi Park is huge, with extensive lawns, forested areas and ponds. Tokyo Parks and Gardens As opposed to the popular belief that Tokyo is a concrete jungle, the city has a lot of green. Address: 2-28-1 Asakusa Taito-ku, Tokyo … Allow for a parking budget as well as a rental budget. The parks are very busy in Tokyo on public holidays and weekends, especially in the spring and summertime. Walking on the street you will already find quite some trees, but in the parks and gardens that Tokyo has, you will be blown away. Here are the 10 best parks in Tokyo (and vicinity), no matter the sort of nature escape you've craving. Most of the parks on this list are outdoor parks, but Tokyo Joypolis fills the gap of a rainy day-friendly indoor attraction.. Tokyo is among the world’s five most expensive cities to park. The park is a popular spot for cherry blossom viewing in spring and for various outdoor activities including turf … Japan has a few dozen popular theme parks and amusement parks, including some world renowned brand names like Disneyland and Universal Studios.There are also a few parks unique to Japan, for example, Nikko Edomura, which is themed in a fun way after a town of the samurai era. Next walk towards the Palace Hotel. Tokyo Disney Land. Tokyo parks Traditional Japanese gardens, teahouses, flora and fauna, or just a place to relax—these parks are the perfect break from This makes it the ideal place for picnicking, jogging and a variety of other activities.